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Bringing the best of German brewing to you. We invite you to discover our classic and specialty craft beers, all made by family and privately-owned breweries according to the German Beer Purity Laws.



420+ years of experience goes into every Brogsitter wine, with grapes sourced from Germany’s finest grape regions. Experience these truly delicious gems of German winemaking – enter a new world of wine enjoyment today.

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Brogsiiter Sanct Peter Rotsekt and Sanct Peter restaurant

Rotsekt 'Sanct Peter'

A luscious red sparkling wine from finest Pinot Noir grapes. Ideal for relaxed evenings with cheese platters, canapes of wild mushrooms or smoked meats, as well as a winter lunch aperitif or with rich desserts.

$18.95 / $5.75

750ml / 200ml
Altenburger Schwarzes German black beer with friends holding beer glasses

Altenburger Schwarzes

An international award-winning black beer from Germany’s “black” heartland, Thuringia. Perfect for a cold day, enjoyed with a hearty Bratwurst or goulash – or in the late winter sun with a delicious Flammkuchen (onion, speck and sour cream baked on a pizza-type base, a specialty of the French Alsace region).


Louise making winter Gluehwein at a function

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When you think of red wine, do you think of Germany? You definitely should, and Ahr Valley reds are my absolute ‘Geheimtipp’ (insider tip)!

Romans first cultivated the steep slopes of the picturesque Ahr Valley – off the Rhine River – in the 3rd Century, and their red Pinots are just amazing! Think beautiful rich Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) and spectacular Pinot Noir Précoce (Frühburgunder). The warm slate hills, and long sun-drenched ripening season give these wines a richness in flavour and well-rounded complexity that you’ll only find along the Ahr. Snapped up by Germany’s wine connoisseurs, we managed to grab a few excellent examples just for you, our Australian wine-lover friends.

Ahr-Schiefer was voted Classic Ahr wine 2020, while Edition B is always an excellent choice and popular favourite. The Ad Aram range is an exclusive barrique experience, with the Hommage Frühburgunder a dazzling ‘pièce de resistance’ of Ahr Valley wines and winemaking.

Expand your Pinot Noir horizon today! Zum Wohl!

Louise Moeller

German beer & wine enthusiast

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