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Louise and Reimer, the people behind German Beer and Wine and importer, German Beverages Australia, are delighted to bring you the best of ‘Germany in a bottle’ – a special selection of beers and wines hand-picked for all Australian lifestyles and occasions.

We would like to take you and your friends & family on a journey; create memories and unite over a mutual appreciation for fine quality as we bring the traditions, the expertise and passion from the makers of these premium German beers and wines to you.

“Let our knowledge and experience work for you – creating an exceptional experience for you and your guests!”


Ahr Valley vineyards in autumn
Ahr Valley vineyards in autumn
  • Bespoke selection – chosen specifically for Australian lifestyles & climate
  • Exclusively imported by us & new to Australia – all beers, almost all wines
  • Premium products from finest ingredients
  • Extensive industry experience & contacts in Germany & Australia
  • Excellent service, expertise & support
  • Trusted German partner companies with tradition; all family or privately owned
  • Direct access to further German & European beverages
  • Not available in large retail outlets
  • Opportunity to create unique experiences for yourself, your family, friends and guests


family wedding in the country

Put a German and an Australian together – Reimer and Louise – then add years of beer, wine and hospitality industry expertise and close personal connections in Germany … a powerful combination!

They share their families’ heritage, business values and dedication to quality, and love of the local German cultures enjoyed over best wines, beers and food.

It was these thoughts, these passions that sparked their move to Australia, co-founding what quickly became Australia’s largest and most authentic German festival and a Top 10 Oktoberfest worldwide.

They’ve now hung up their Dirndl and Lederhosen and began an exciting, new chapter with German Beverages Australia and German Beer and Wine – tapping into their vast expertise, experiences and contacts.

Their commitment to the local and wider community has always been strong – both here and in Germany – and you will often find them involved in German and multicultural initiatives, organisations and events in Queensland and beyond.

“We now invite you to discover our bespoke range of premium German craft beers and wine – introducing a wonderful new dimension of drinking enjoyment across Australia.”

Louise & Reimer