Kauerndorfer Schwarze (Black beer)

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Savour the warm glow of hearth and home with this aromatic brew!

This bottom-fermented specialty from near the German Schwarzbier (black beer) homeland region, is full of traditional roasted flavours with rich dark colour and aromas.

The rich, warm taste of home!

Can size: 500ml can
Alcohol content: 4.9% vol.
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Leikeim’s family of breweries, including Kauerndorfer, presents premium, full-flavoured beers crafted by generations of family brewing passion and excellence from Germany’s beer heartland, Bavaria. All beers are brewed according to the German Purity Laws.


Brewing method: Bottom-fermented
Original wort: 12.3%
Alcohol content: 4.9% vol.
Colour: Deep black beer with a fiery red glimmer
Aroma: Roasted aromas with a touch of licorice
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, roasted barley malt, hops
Brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law.

Flavour / strength

Hops / tangy: 4 of 5
Full-bodied: 3 of 5
Aromatic: 4 of 5
Tasting notes: Initial taste of noble coffee, roasted aromas and a touch of licorice. A characteristically subtle, tangy finish.

Best enjoyed

Serving temp.: 6-10°C
Glass form: chalice
Food pairing: Roast pork, BBQ and sausage (‘wurst’) meats or pizza – pretty much any food, really!