Altenburger Schwarzes black beer

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Dare to be dark with this delicious black beer and the individuality of its fiery red glimmer.

Is it the dark, deep colour of the specially selected roasted malts, or the delicate regional Elbe-Saale hops which infuse this special brew with a satisfying light bitter finish? Its quality and global drinking pleasure has made it a winner in the World Beer Awards!

Bottle size: 500ml can
Alcohol content: 4.9% vol.
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Altenburger Brewery continues its long proud history of brewing excellence in the traditional home of German black beer and other such specialties, Thuringia. All beers are brewed according to the German Purity Laws.


Original wort: 11.8%
Alcohol content: 4.9% vol.
Colour: Dark, rich amber
Ingredients: Water, barley malts, hops, roasted barley malt.
Brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law

Best enjoyed

Serving temp.: 8°C
Glass form: Chalice